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Valentine's Rice Cakes

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I've created a super simple bake that doesn't need baking at all.

Why not set aside 5 minutes to jazz up some rice cakes to celebrate this annual day of LOVE!

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And now for the recipe:



Calories and Macronutrients*: Per Rice Cake

  • Calories: 174

  • Carbohydrates: 25g

  • Fats: 7g

  • Protein: 1g




(Makes x4)


  • Divide the measured dark chocolate into chunks and place in a heat proof bowl. You can either melt the chocolate in a microwave or over the hob:

  • For the hob, boil water in a hot pan and place the heat resistance bowl with the chocolate over the simmering pot ensuring no boiling water spills from the pan. Use a silicone spoon to stir the chocolate until melted thoroughly.

  • If using a microwave, use a medium heat setting to melt the chocolate at 20 second intervals strirring after each. Keep a close eye as it will likely be melted within 1 minute of this. Stir continuously to ensure no lumps are formed.

  • Remove the rice cakes from the packet and place on a flat surface.

  • Use a silicon spatula to spread the melted chocolate on the top surface of the rice cakes, you may even wish to dip them or use a fork to splatter chocolate over the top - be creative with coating the melted chocolate!

  • Sprinkle the hearts and optional marshmallows on the rice cakes and allow to cool

  • Store in an air tight container to ensure they don't get too soft when exposed to the air. Consumed within 3 days. @kirstyfordfitness

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