Glute Loop (Small)

Glute Loop (Small)


Who's after a bigger, more developed and better functioning glutes?


Look no further than adding a glute loop to your leg day. These versatile bands are availble in two sizes: small & large and three colours: black, pink & green


Add a glute loop to any 'glute focused' leg exercise including squats, hip thrusts and leg press... more exercises can be found in the 'Glute Guide' ebook on  **coming soon!**


The smaller the band, the tighter the material and higher the resitance. I'd recommend anyone new to the gym purchases a large band to ensure they can carry out an exercise with adequate form before progressing onto a smaller glute loop.


Please note: There is a differance in material between the small and large bands, the weave is thicker on the smaller bands!

  • Care Instructions

    Machine wash at 30 degrees and hang dry.

    Due to the nature of the band, stretching is natural which may alter the vynl text

    Please email for any further guidance on caring for your glute loop